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Post  Allranger on Tue Mar 02, 2010 3:05 pm

Rules :
1. NO asking to be Mod/Owner
2. NO fighting/killing people, especially when kids are around.
3. NO advertising, flooding, spamming and scamming. Or you will get kicked for first warn and banned for next warn.
4. Please use English as main language to chat with others. If you cant, please use xat translator.
4. NO swearing/cursing at people
5. NO unfair ban (unless you want main/others de-mod or de-owner you)
6. Cookies ish awesome
7. Don't underestimate Rule Num.6 TwT
8. Have fun here at Globalpkers

Owner/Mod/Member Guide
1. Who can be Owner?
According to..
"KBD's Rule Year 2010 Number I"
All owners are straight, NO BS, Flaming, even high mind people. It is supposed to keep chat running well without unfair treatment and also fighting. But, the most important.. Owners MUST be smexy! Wink lol

Additional Rules :
- Each owners must have ALL of these criteria : Loyall, Understanding, or mature.
- Owners must be patient when facing trouble on chat and loyally dedicate themselves for improving Globalpkers
- They have to respect Moderator Stat
- Owners are supposed to be wise and NOT use their power to abuse other
- Owners WERE a mod before, so they can respect mod position as well
- Owners work with mods as team, so we will have less or none people get banned

2. Who Can Be Moderator?
According to..
"KBD's Rule Year 2010 Number II"
MOST mods are STRAIGHT. They prevent bad things happen when owners are NOT in place
Additional Rules :
- Mods must be friendly too all visitors, even NOOBS
- NO abusing of POWER

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Chat Box rules Empty Re: Chat Box rules

Post  drew teh n33bz0r on Thu Mar 18, 2010 6:21 am

drew teh n33bz0r
drew teh n33bz0r

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