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Post  Aussie on Sun Jan 31, 2010 1:03 am

To be honest, the GlobalPkers economy has been ruined because the owner of the server and forums are making to many people moderator and administrator.

Now from my point of view you need to restart fresh with a remodel. A server is meant for the basics to have 2owners, 6admins and 16mods, now it is the owners decision of how many people have these certain ranks and to be honest he can choose how many he wants but to start the server and in a couple of weeks already have this, well i don't get the picture because you should have more players for then these current players get there mod.

Tuthan I'm not exactly quitting but at the moment I'm working on my backup forums for this server. You may check it out and also i got the vBulletin forums for you because obviously it would be better. I am going to work on forums of course until this server has refreshed because like Runeland and QuarterX, they have a good economy and thats why they have so many mods and admins etc... But already on this server you have to many so for now good luck. Bye for now.


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Post  Tuthan on Thu Feb 04, 2010 8:26 am

There is no economy if there are no demand. Demand comes from Players. We don't have players ATM, and staff doesn't have to do anything with economy...



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