LifeTime Premium - For Tuthan and Allranger

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LifeTime Premium - For Tuthan and Allranger Empty LifeTime Premium - For Tuthan and Allranger

Post  Bonesaw PK on Mon Mar 15, 2010 9:18 am

I have noticed you do not advertise a Lifetime Premium status.
I am asking if you could add a Lifetime Premium cost in so that we can donate a certain price of your choice and we wont have to keep donating for months on end. I have felt that if you were to get Lifetime Premium it would of course be just for the entire length a servers existence. Now i was thinking please put this in to save people money, time and effort. This is a good way to increase donations to the server to help it run more often, maybe save the money for a "DEDI" or a "VPS" to make the server run longer and not have delays of 1hour reset server type format and/or maybe save that money to help increase this servers population and buy a lot more good things to make this server better.

-Regards, Jeremy.
Bonesaw PK
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