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Post  S O U L aka souls bank on Tue Mar 09, 2010 9:50 pm

This is meant as no offence, to ANYONE.

Hi, guys..Id like to complain and suggest that there is a mod report suggestion on here too, as SOME, are too irresponsible and immature to take into consideration how they should use theyre powers, for example..

Mod1: Hey noobs =P
Player: wow stfu..
Mod1: Lmfao@!
Mod1 has jailed player.

Seems very stupid but in my head, mods shouldn't be allowed to do this, mods sometimes misunderstand their role, i mean, in my books, moderators are supposed to decide the fate of players who have been reported, but SOME walk around, teleporting people to them, and call it a joke..its abusing at the end of the day and nearly 100% of players will agree that they too, must report players that they think have been offensive or 'mean' to them, instead or taking immediate action. TAAANKKYUUU

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