2010 Febuary 25 - New systems installed

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2010 Febuary 25 - New systems installed Empty 2010 Febuary 25 - New systems installed

Post  Tuthan on Thu Feb 25, 2010 9:42 am

Hey, i have been working on some automated systems and i made these little programs:
  • Voting system
    -Instant rewards
    -Can vote once per username
    -Can vote once per IPadress
  • Data clearer
    -Clears mutes every 24 hours
    -Clears bans every 24 hours
    -Clears voted usernames every 24 hours
    -Clears voted IPadresses every 24 hours
    -Clears IPmutes every 48 hours
    -Clears IPbans every 48 hours
  • Emergency auto-starter (might not work)
    If I am at school or sleeping and the computer turns off, example: we lose electricity for a second or GOD DAMN WINDOWS UPDATES restart the computer it should trigger these proccesses so the Server and Voting would work.
    -Start port forwarding
    -Start server
    -Start voting system
    -Start Data Clearer

So since everything is automated ill have more time on working on important updates, note: Donatings are still manual Surprised . I am posting this so you know whats going on and if the server is offline or ur still banned or anything like that... *Its not my fault, damn technology*.
king Tuthan


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