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Post  face fisted on Fri Feb 12, 2010 3:54 am

Things needed

And a few million in cash,


Ok, so you want that epic runecrafting cape.

This is gonna take about 40k essence, I didn't exactly keep track but that's about how much.

Start off by going south of home, to the skilling area. Go past the thieving stalls and you'll see 2 alters, a few banks, and a maze guardian.

Bank everything and withdraw all your cash, and buy 10 essences (it automatically fills your inv)
And start making airs. (The alter closest to the banks) DO NOT BANK YOUR AIRS, THIS TAKES MORE TIME

Just keep making and making making and making airs.

And then make a few more airs.

Nowyour ready to go on to making some more airs.

And finnaly when you've hit 60 runecrafting, you can make some more airs.

At 91 runecrafting, you can make 2 nature runes.. Or 134 airs. So guess what your doing now? Well here's a hint. Its not making nature runes.

And finnaly when you have 439k air runes piled up you can make another 1k to get 99 runecrafting yaaaay.

This process takes A LOT of time. I spent about a week straight doing it. 3 or 4 hours a day, except monday and tuesday which was like 10 hours.

Overall you can't do this in one day.

And the reason you make airs and not nats is two reasons, 1. 1.3k less exp. 2. Alching doesn't give magic exp (tuthan fix that lol)

So that's how to runecraft.

I suggest you don't do this because then I won't be the only one with a hard earned Runecraft cape Razz

But if you do. Goodluck Smile
face fisted
face fisted

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Runecrafting Empty Re: Runecrafting

Post  alex on Wed Feb 17, 2010 2:42 pm

great guide face fisted! 5/5 :p

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