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New host - working on updates Empty New host - working on updates

Post  Tuthan on Thu Feb 04, 2010 4:38 am

Allright! The server is being hosted by allranger, now i can freely work on new updates on my PC without disconnecting the server. Since a person that has the source can change every character data. Ill make sure he wont do that, but for hosting the server he will get co-owner by default as a reward for keeping the server up. Thanks!

Also, the newest update coming up is gonna be slayer fix. And right after i fix that ill be able to advertise the server, and i will appreciate your help. Rememeber: If everyone invites 1 player each including the invited players and the invited players by the players that were invited and so on study .... We can times our current players by 2 every day cheers . 10 players first day, 20 players second day, 30 players third day. But we'll do that later, when i fix some major bugs.

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