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Post  Tuthan on Tue Feb 02, 2010 3:57 am

If you want to become a mod, follow this list:

•Be active on either forums or server.

•Be friendly, help out all players, respect all players/staff.

•There must be an opened position.

•You must to be aproved by all staff that will vote.

•Include 4 pictures of you helping a players!!! (edited by Allranger)

In your application write your name, about yourself, why do you deserver to be a mod and why do you want to be a mod. Then add a Poll so players could vote for you or againts you. Dont worry if some players will vote againts as a prank or on purpose. The real vote will be between other staff, thats what matters.
Final Decision will be made by Tuthan.

Use this format (copy and paste)

-InGame name

-How many hours can you spend online a day? (must be active!!!)

-How long have you been playing Globalpkers?

-do you have atleast 20 post on forums?

-Provide 4 pictures of you helping

-What time zone/country do you live in?

-why should you be moderator of the chat box? (ATLEAST 4 LINES)


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